August 5, 2020


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DREAM EXCHANGE -First ever minority owned stock exchange coming soon!

The Dream Exchange founded by Joe Cecala in partnership with Cadiz Capital Holding L.L.C., a black and minority-owned private equity firm, led by William H. Ellison, who holds majority ownership of the exchange, created the platform  to bring together small and emerging businesses at an early stage with investors to generate more wealth creation for underserved communities.

(Per their Linkedin page)
Dream Exchange was founded by Joe Cecala, a lawyer and CPA of 25 years, who is a well-renowned expert in the area of public markets, capital formation, small business funding, emerging industries and investment opportunities. The Dream Exchange will be a national stock exchange for small and emerging private companies to list and trade their stock.

The Dream Exchange will provide investors, who would otherwise not have access to this market, the ability to review and participate in a vast array of early-stage opportunities. The Dream Exchange will be available for US-based private companies.

We will provide these small and emerging private companies with a fast and simple way to raise capital for expansion, or for the owners of a company to sell part or all of their interest in a company.

The Dream Exchange will utilize a proprietary system to evaluate companies that will take into account their social impact and emphasize those companies with services and products that enhance the long-term survival of mankind by fostering sustained business success.

A core value of the Dream Exchange is to reward great ideas and entrepreneurial acumen by becoming the central marketplace where vetted buyers and sellers gain access to each other resulting in wealth creation for business owners and investors alike.

Website http://www.dreamex.comPhone312-235-6752

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