August 4, 2020


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Unprofessionalism Will Have Your Succotash Suffering……Let’s Not Be Scrubbn’ @Blonde_Intelligence

Author: Roni Robinson

“See, if you can’t spatially expand my horizons

Then that leaves you in the class with scrubs, never rising…”-Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (Burruss, Cottle, Briggs, & Lopes, 1999).


Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with Ms. Roni where I seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. This week’s subject is unprofessionalism (not really a word). Of course, before I get started, I need to explain a couple of things. The term suffering succotash means “suffering savior” (Urban Dictionary, 2004). In the context of this article, succotash refers to your moolah, your loot, your currency, your MONEY. Money makes the world go around, right?  We all know what your money suffering means…. Moving on… According to Oxford Languages, some synonyms for unprofessionalism, but not exhaustive are: unprincipled, negligent, inefficient, second-rate, untrained, sloppy, and cack-handed.  Thus, placing the unprincipled, negligent, inefficient, second-rate, untrained, sloppy, and/or cack-handed actions of the person in the class of “scrubs”, in which predicted, that the scrub is never rising.

Think about it, your professionalism or lack thereof is a direct reflection on you as an artist, musician, independent record label, or anyone with a “brand”. As a show manager and in other management capacities, I have seen unprofessionalism on a level of the highest f*uckery to the quintessence of the terrestrial sphere….. One artist had to have another blunt before he went on. Another artist came in drunk and then accused everyone else of having an attitude. Cursing during interviews….Promoters that do not provide an email, only wants DM’s. I saw a post on Facebook where someone had booked radio interviews for artists and several artists did not show up simply because they forgot. It also seems that if it happened with several artists the problem could be elsewhere. Moving on….

According to, there are five traits that are red flags to observe in musicians. I beg to differ and may just add to their list. Number one on their list is….the blame game, an unprofessional musician will usually be quick to blame the industry and other musicians for any lag in success. The second red flag is….the indecisive artist, artist that exhibits “analysis paralysis” will usually avoid making commitments. This means that they very well may not show up for a gig, a soundcheck, an interview. Third, rudeness…musicians, artists, promoters, record label owners, management, and etc. who treat others poorly, you should be extremely discerning of affixing with them. The fourth red flag is a musician that uses the word “I” or “me” in every other sentence. This variety of self-absorption gives a clear indication that this individual will not be a very good team member. Lastly, number five           is…ta-da…sensitivity to constructive criticism. If constructive criticism makes the artist etc…defensive, consideration needs to be given to whether you can effectively work with someone who is umbrageous.

The moral of the lesson is your professionalism or lack thereof is a direct reflection on you as an artist, musician, independent record label, or anyone with a “brand”. If you are in any capacity… unprincipled, negligent, inefficient, second-rate, untrained, sloppy, and/or cack-handed….well, the scrub is never rising. Unprofessionalism will have your succotash suffering….let’s not be scrubbn’.

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