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ANGIE MASERATI @CalisBestRadio 11/14/18 @MsLashaunTurner


Angie Maserati believes her purpose in life is to share her heart and soul through her music. Nothing gives her more joy than moving her audience with her passion of performing and touching them through the story telling of song. “I feel the most alive when I am connecting with people through my gift, it’s and exchange of love and joy, it’s so beautiful.” Angie will have listeners and fans smiling with her dance music and filled with emotion as she bares her heart and soul in each ballad.

Angie has an unstoppable desire to share all that she is with the world, to let the light in her soul inspire people to believe in love and hope. “Music is like magic, it places memories in stone.”

OUT NOW “LOVE” The Album…”I have been preparing for this moment all of my life. My spirit told me it would come. My passion and desire have only grown with time. Believe, and don’t settle for less than everything you know you were made for. The adventure ahead is going to be amazing! Let’s go!! This album is a dream come true and I am so thankful. Collaborating with Peter Michael Escovedo made it all possible. We had a true meeting of the minds and our combined talents made the magic that you will hear and feel from this album. Peter Michael is connected with some of the best musicians in the world and they have shared their musical gifts on this album.”

Much can be said about the inspiration for Angie Maserati’s newly released “Love” album. Back in 2007 the songstress embarked on her first trip to Italy and immediately fell in love with the people and the culture. “There was something about the language when spoken that thrilled me and awakened my spirit.” Leaving Italy left sort of a “Cinderella” effect on Maserati and years later in NYC her fairy tale turned reality.

Maserati had the honor of meeting the legendary group, The Roots. They were so charmed by her energy and passion for music they invited her to their show as VIP. After the show, still charmed, the group invited Maserati back to the recording studio. “I was completely inspired and motivated, and grateful for the wisdom and music tips they shared with me.” She couldn’t leave NYC without experiencing The Boom Boom Room in SOHO. Ironically, she met tourists from Rome and spent the night dancing and enjoying the vibes. “Never underestimate the power of a moment. My love of music and fascination with Italy has led to an amazing music journey for myself.”

Maserati’s passion for Italy, it’s culture, along with the creative vibrations from NYC set the tone for the inspiration and creation of “Love” the album. Both trips enlightened and changed her life and she is beyond eager to share that change with the world!

Angie found a passion for music early on and began singing as a child. She recalls music brought her peace and comfort in and unstable home. “I would sometimes get in trouble for singing when there was violence or raised tension in the home. It was mistaken for being disrespectful when really I was escaping to my happy place.”

Angie was infatuated like most young singers with Whitney Houston, “I would wear the lettering right off of the tracks, playing them over and over trying to be what I thought was the most perfect voice and life to emulate.” Although she’s been told she sounds like Houston, stays true to her own unique vocal sound. The colors and rich texture in her voice clearly comes from a special place, heartfelt experiences from her soul. “My hope is that people who listen to my music or experience a show leave feeling more loved, hopeful, and inspired; like they have made a new friend.” Angie has played in the San Francisco Bay Area for years with various bands and is now fulfilling a solo career in telling her own stories.

ANGIE MASERATI  will be calling in to Cali’s Best Nov 14, 2018 be sure to #TUNEIN on KCAA Radio



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