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Artist “Mayne” @MsLashaunTurner @CalisBestRadio #NowPlaying “No Hook” 2/19/20

Mayne is a spiritually focused artist speaking to the emotions and psyche rather than to ego which helps in crafting his songs to hopefully lift up the consciousness. Mayne is a connoisseur of all genres of music and has come to a realization that all forms of music has an energy that’s connected that’s older than time. Mayne thrives off originality, and thrives off trying to bring back an element within hiphop that’s rarely seen today, guidance through the act of music and song to help overcome and break through obstacles that leave most in depressed states. He believes his music is necessary and is what the people have been unknowingly waiting for, and if it’s not his music to shuffle in this new age it is the energy that’s growing and waiting to be heard. It’s all spiritual.( Courtesy of Mayne)


Be sure and #tunein 2/19/20
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