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Artists…Yes Publicity Is Essential: How You Gonna Have Ice with Your Water Off?


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Artists…Yes Publicity Is Essential: How You Gonna Have Ice with Your Water Off?blonde intelliegenceHi, Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with me, Ms. Roni, where I always seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. This week I want to touch on the value of publicity. Recently I spoke with a magazine owner and he made a statement that I found interesting. He said it is amazing how some of these artists portray like they have all this money, but won’t do what it takes for publicity. I laughed because he is right. Artists will pay to put a project together, but think it’s so good that no work goes into making some noise about their personality as an artist. Sometimes it’s not the project itself, it’s how interesting, funny, crazy, mean, or asinine the actual artist is. The music business is so saturated with music that your public personality should create publicity. If you could hear me, I would be making the Scooby Doo sound…..eeerrrahhh…

According to www.study.com, publicity is often misconstrued with two other forms of mass communication: advertising and marketing. Publicity provides news or information in the media to create a perception. According to www.balancesmb.com, publicity is the process of creating public awareness of what you do, what you got to sell, or anything about your brand through media coverage and other forms of communication. Publicity is in your bio, active posting on social media, articles written about you, interviews that you do, or anything released to media outlets about you. This is what creates interest in you as a person that leads to interest in your craft. One artist that does a great job at publicity is Plies. From the publicity he provides through his posts, Instagram lives, and music videos he has created a persona that he would fun to hang out with. This leads to wanting to hear more music, see more videos, and see what he does next. Artists…yes publicity is essential. How you gonna have ice on your wrists, around your neck, or in your grill with your water off?

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