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Black armed protesters march through Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park

Black armed protesters march through Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park

Approximately 1,000 heavily armed black militia, marched through Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park on Independence Day, challenging white nationalist groups in the area to either come out and fight or join them in demonstrating against the government. Many of the protesters carried rifles, including military-type weapons, and some wore ammunition belts slung over their shoulders. The demonstrators spoke out against the huge sculpture depicting Gen. Robert E. Lee, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson,carved into a granite mountain, the sculpture is the largest Confederate monument ever crafted.
At one point a man was heard shouting into a loudspeaker in a challenge to white supremacists who historically have used Stone Mountain as a rallying spot of their own.”I don’t see no white militia,” he declared. “We’re here. Where … you at? We’re in your house. Let’s go.”

There was no opposition met and the demonstration was orderly and peaceful.

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