October 26, 2020


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Black NYPD Officer Mocks Cautious Policing Tactics in 2020

Black NYPD Officer Mocks Cautious Policing Tactics in 2020

The officer does an impersonation of how he thinks cops are expected to act and carry themselves post-George Floyd.

Comedian D.L Hughley weighed in on the skit saying-

“I guess he forgot that w/out that uniform he’s a #BLACKMAN in #America.” D.L. continues … “The delusion that, that uniform affords you the same privileges as your white counterparts, will probably catch up to your goofy ass one day. Ignorance is bliss and in cases like this, IT’S ALSO DANGEROUS!! YOU, OFFICER, ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!”

#WhatISaid- Hope this officer isn’t on the clock making video’s for social media? You might get fired but fret not you have a career in comedy waiting..

Lashaun Turner
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