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Black Queen-$40-Sex Magick -Huhh??? Maintain Your Temple


Black Queen--Sex Magick -Huhh??? Maintain Your Temple“…Black Women are beautiful. The media has reduced them to nothing but booty walking around, but Black Women are more than that. They are friends, lovers, and the mothers of civilization” (Natalie, 2008).

Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence where I always seek to provide you with exquisite cranial repertoire. I feel that as grown women and being the mothers of civilization, we have to protect our young ladies. You have heard many say that what the industry and media portray affects our black girls. At times people do things and follow trends simply because they did not know. Have we really taught our young ladies what Black Queens are or have we left it to the media? When I was growing up, I got up every Saturday morning to watch Teen Summit on BET. I learned that my black has always been beautiful and that Black Girls Rocked way back then, and that my creative talent should be expressed on the highest level. I listened to Yo Yo say “my name is Yo Yo, I’m not a ho”. Queen Latifah asking people…who are you calling a bitch? But my my my how things have changed…

According to Urban Dictionary, a Black Queen is a beautiful, respected African American woman that is confident and selfless. Now we will move on to the “$40”. Urban Dictionary explains that 40 or 50 is described on the hoe stroll as $40 for head and $50 for the warm apple pie. Black Queen and hoe stroll don’t blend well, but yet….some are trying to make that oil, water, and bleach mixture. Now I know you are wondering about the sex magick. Sex magick in simple terms are rituals and practices utilizing the energy from orgasms for manifestations. So, in essence this person who calls themselves a queen only manifests $40 from her sexual energy? Ummmm….let’s not glorify that. There are different levels of manifestations. Example: I’m going to have sex with Tom to buy me a pair of shoes, Harry to get some hair, Dick to get my nails done, Bob to buy me a car, and Dummy to buy me a house. All of these manifestations will be based on sex magick, either positive or negative.

Now I do realize that young people face depression, suffer from anxiety, and that blacks are normally not diagnosed. Binge drinking, smoking, illicit drug use, and prescription drug misuse are more frequent among Black and African Americans, who deal with these issues (https://www.mhanational.org/issues/black-and-african-american-communities-and-mental-health). And girls with those issues more sexually promiscuous. We hear it in the music and see it in the media. Women who have multiple sex partners also have a higher rate of substance abuse (Whitbourne, 2013). We see it all the time, girls gone off pills, drunk, snorting….all of those things to get ready for that sexual transfer of energy distorting the Black Queen. We have to show our young women how to be Black Queens. Remember to maintain your temple. Black Queen-$40-Sex Majick-Huhh???

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