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Black Women Fighting…Where The Hell Is The Empowerment???

Black Women Fighting…Where The Hell Is The Empowerment???

Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with me, Ms. Roni, where I always seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. This past week I viewed a clip of a scene from a new television show. In the clip it shows a black woman screaming and throwing a shoe at what appeared to be a sitting pregnant woman. That type of disrespect really disturbed me. This leads me to this week’s question: How do black women really treat other black women? There is always talk about women empowerment, black girls rock, sisterhood, etc…but are we really modeling a positive behavior towards our own sisters, especially in the media?

Brooklynn K, Hitchens wrote an interesting article in 2017, Girl Fights and the Online Media Construction of Black Female Violence and Sexuality. For this article, women who fought on were studied and the findings suggested that there is an over-representation of depictions of Black women as perpetrators and the amount of physical violence shown. This means that most of the time when Black women are shown in the media, they are predominantly fighting. We see plenty of media content with mainly fights and of those fights it’s mainly Black women fighting. We see some footage of small events of women empowerment. I am a strong believer in you teach people how to treat you as a Black woman. As a Black woman I sit on my throne in High blonde intelliegencePriestess mode. This means no shoes thrown, no drinks thrown, no wigs being pulled off, no public fights, no asking no damn questions, the STRENGTH to agree to disagree and walk away amicably. Now in the situation mentioned above….I would not give a half a f@*k about why a person keeps my name in their mouth, never remove yourself from your throne. Once one breaks the “Girl Code”, they never get the gift of your presence ever again.

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