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Blaze Indie L.A Performing Artist “IMAGINE” Nov 7, 2018 @MsLashaunTurner @that_imagine

Imagine hails from Covina, CA (20 minutes east of Los Angeles) and has been doing the damn thing since 2008. Showmanship is the ultimate reason anyone goes to a live concert. Unfortunately, it isn’t as common as most people would want it to be when discovering a new artist. Imagine finally delivers. From the moment the music starts to when it ends, Imagine delivers a non-stop assault on his audience. His passion for performing and interacting with the crowd shines through as he commands the stage like a composer does his symphony.

After a well received project, The Liftoff, and innovative live performance experience, Moonbeams & Molecules, Imagine is back with his sophomore effort, Beyond Clouds. The album is a great step forward in not only honing his sound, but in reaching new depths with his songwriting as well. With appearances from a great deal of talent both behind and in front of the microphone, Beyond Clouds is a statement for the masses saying Imagine is here and definitely will not be silenced! He says, “I want to include as many people as I can; whether it be radio, online, or at shows. It’s not about just reaching them. It’s about getting them involved and letting people know music and live shows are a shared experience. Let’s have a damn good time together.”

Site:  Social Media: @that_imagine

Lashaun is hosting a Special 2 hour Show for the #BlazeIndieL.A Reunion where IMAGINE and others will be performing LIVE #Tunein Nov17 from 7-9pm Pst
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