October 23, 2020


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BROWN aka Da Bullzgang Bullie @CalisBestRadio Aug 29, 2018 @MsLashaunTurner

Born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada, Sidney Brown the oldest sibling out of two started in music as a child attending middle school playing in the band where he learned to play and read sheet music. Brown wrote his first rap song by the age of 14 for a talent show put on by the school where he found his love for rap shows.  By the age of 18 he was writing songs and looking to be signed by various labels.  His ambition and hustle for the industry came about when Brown first signed to HollyHood Records a label founded in Las Vegas for artists around the hoods looking to record songs. The first group that Brown would sign with was called “Anaujiram” which is marijuana spelled backwards.  His style would be better known as west coast mixed with a down south swagger to it his delivery is one that is strong, his appearance is all street. After losing his father he decided to approach the industry with facts, everything real one of the realest artists coming out of Las Vegas, west coast area.


Lashaun Turner
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