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California Radio and Black News Media Network

Cali.FM Radio is offering an opportunity for bloggers to join and contribute!


Cali.FM is seeking content providers to blog on it’s web site. There are no fees associated with the opportunity. Cali.FM is looking for content that is meaningful and if need be, politically incorrect,- that means as our slogan says Real Talk! Cali.FM is especially interested in posts that matter to the urban communities, trending topics, and music news. To be considered for this opportunity, email attn: BLOGGER to CaliFm247@gmail.com. If you have a sample of your writing you can include it..




  1. Posts you submit should be about Celebrity, Entertainment, News Items, Politics etc. Artist features or any interviews are strictly paid promotions and must adhere to the price schedule listed on the site. For paid posts, Cali.FM will require 50% of the posted promotion price and the blogger/contributor keeps 50%..


  1. Each post MUST be proofread and grammatically correct upon submission.


  1. Posts should be emailed in plain text or in a word document no special characters or formats.


  1. Upload photo AND THE IMAGE URL – all contributor posts will have a thumbnail image from a photo URL and not directly uploaded to Cali.FM


  1. Include any embed code or widget html


  1. Be sure to include Title


  1. List any special KEY Words


  1. Include your By Line with your 1st submission so it can be set up in wordpress to accompany all of your posts.


  1. If you are familiar with wordpress you can log in and post directly in site


10.Your username and password will be created and is SOLELY for YOU, no sharing.


11. You are expressly responsible for the accuracy of the content you provide as well as clearing all copy and credits.










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