October 21, 2020


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California coronavirus July 27- Imperial County emerging hotspot

California coronavirus July 27- Imperial County emerging hotspot

Governor Gavin Newsom announced at his daily news conference that the state’s Central Valley is a new major new area of concern. While the 14-day average rate of positive tests statewide is 7.5 percent, that rate in the Central Valley ranges between 10.7 and 17.7 percent. Essential workers at farms, manufacturing and prisons there have been hit especially hard.

The state’s hospital system has not been broadly overwhelmed in this latest surge, Kim-Farley said. And where there was an overwhelmed hospital system in a local hot spot, the issue in some cases was due to short staffing, rather than physical beds. Some of that has been relieved by transferring patients to other nearby counties, and by federal doctors and nurses being assigned to hospitals in the Central Valley and Southern California.

Lashaun Turner
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