Official Affirmation of Editorial Standards, 2021

Editorial Standards and overview:

Radio|News|Media outlet in Southern California. Cali.FM is a Trusted resource for California news and events! We share news, trends, opinion and curated articles.  Topics cover California News, Urban News, Business, Health, Travel and Entertainment. We also have a section for Foodie’s and Artist Entrepreneurs to be spotlighted.

 We provide an engaging immersive platform  for sharing the voices, narratives, and cultures of urban communities nationwide, as well as, maintaining a trusted news resource for regional news and events. Cali.FM runs a fully licensed radio stream from its headquarters in Southern California and streaming worldwide 24/7 Real Music, Real Talk all the time!

Cali.FM was established in 2020 by Lashaun Turner -Urban Starz Media & P.R. Please contact Lashaun Turner, Editor, info@Cali.FM, with news, questions or comments.


Fairness, truthfulness, and accuracy in reporting are paramount to maintaining our core values. Cali.FM shall at all times report in full and truthfully as we know it. Contributors who plagiarize or who knowingly or recklessly provide false information for publication will not be tolerated.

We respect the work of rights owners and will seek and receive permission prior to using their content on the website.  From time to time we may republish articles that have been made available under a Creative Commons license with permission.


It is the policy and procedure of Cali.FM to make corrections to stories as soon as we are made aware. A message will be updated on the original article as to what has been clarified and/or corrected. An announcement will be made for entries that require major corrections that fundamentally change the narrative or stories that were found to be false. Minor spelling or grammatical changes that do not impact the credibility of the story will be fixed without announcement.

To report an error email Info@Cali.FM attention Editor-. Please include the information relative to the correction and a credible source backing it up.

Lashaun Turner– Editor Email- Info@Cali.FM (951) 254-2247

Editorial Standards 2021

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