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“CALI’S BEST” Radio Show Hits Top 100 List! #YouShouldBeOn


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The show airs on CNBC/NBC affiliate radio station KCAA on 102.3FM, 106.5FM, & 1050AM in the Inland Empire & spotlights Rap/Hiphop/R&B music and artists!

Lashaun Turner aka Lady I.M.PRE$S, created, produces and hosts CALI’S BEST. The show is a fun and unique platform which showcases the Who’s Who and What’s “BEST” in Music, Business, Entertainment and Lifestyle. For indie music entrepreneurs it’s an opportunity to share the spotlight with established artists and to have their music played amongst mainstream music.

KCAA recently released statistics showing Cali’s Best in the TOP 100 of all time shows being downloaded from their podcast archives, averaging 2000 on demand downloads per month. The statistic does not include downloads or streams from IHEART, SPREAKER, TUNEIN or any other platform to which KCAA’s shows are distributed.

KCAA’s daytime signal on 1050 AM reaches over 5 million people. The combined reach of the two FMs on 102.3 FM and 106.5 FM provide listeners with three listening option and is licensed to Loma Linda, California. It’s the local news/talk station and regional affiliate for NBC News, CNBC Business News and NBC Sports News. This unusual triple affiliation reflects the broad diversity and range of the station’s format. The station is enjoying its 20th year serving the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

To be a Guest or Advertise go to www.LashaunTurner.com

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