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Slavery Reparations & Affirmative Action Bill Advance in California Assembly #reparations

Assembly Bill 3121, written by Assembly Member Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), would have the “Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans” would also look into issues surrounding slavery in California, such as runaway slaves being...

Not all protests were violent: Downtown L.A.

Many chaotic scenes played out across the country over this past weekend, including L.A County and surrounding area's. However, in this video people are seen peacefully protesting.

July 4 2020, Independence in a different way -Lockdown to be lifted in L.A County

Los Angeles County officials set the deadline this week to reopen restaurants, malls and retail stores by Independence Day as stay-at-home orders continue to take a toll on nearly every industry, from retail to TV and film production. Governor Newsom...

California Vs New York :Coronavirus (video)

A tale of 2 coasts: Comparing California and New York's response to coronavirus (courtesy CBSN)

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Do Asians hate Blacks? 3 Men Share Their Thoughts..(Explicit)

African American goes off on the treatment against Blacks and how the Asians hate Blacks. Followed by an Asian...