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Cierra Keaton-Brown- Cannabis Advocate -March 4, 2020 @CalisBestRadio @MsLashaunTurner


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Critical Care RN, Transplant Coordinator/Expert/Advocate;

Medicinal Cannabis Advocate
Cierra Keaton-Brown has a true passion for helping others to meet their needs. Her goal is to to
reach as many people as possible, and to educate them on how to create a life worth LIVING.
The ultimate goal is to re-introduce cannabis on a whole new level. My vision is very widespread
on how I can assist the community to conform the stereotype that cannabis has. There are so
many people that can benefit a multitude of ways from cannabis and my goal is to educate them
Cierra graduated nursing school at the young age of 21 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
from Chamberlain College of Nursing. In her 11 year career as a nurse as worked with all patient
groups, types, disease processes and age groups and realized the effects from lack of knowledge.
My goal is to continue to educate the community of how to Use Cannabis with Care, Balance
and Dignity.
Always described as “trying to save the world,” many of my co-workers and staff would say that
I am always looking for a way to make things better for my patients. All I want to do is make
sure that people get proper care no matter what the obstacles may be. Having seen so many
people suffer over the years of my childhood and in my career has put me on a different path.
Drug abuse, depression, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, are just a few of the struggles I have seen
people endure hopelessly. This has driven me to create a different outcome. There are barriers to
break so that people can live their lives with dignity and have a higher quality of life.
Cierra is an aspiring author and Founder of Making Her Story a Voice for Woman- foster youth

(Courtesy of Cierra Keaton-Brown)

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