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Clayton County Georgia Cop Terminated For Excessive Force after Brutal Beating of Black Lyft Passenger

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office has terminated the deputy who was seen on camera Friday viciously beating on a Black Lyft passenger whose car was pulled over due to a busted taillight. The Deputy who repeatedly struck Roderick Walker has been terminated for excessive force.

Roderick Walker, his cousin and a third person were passengers in a Lyft that was pulled over because a tail light was out. They say Sheriff’s deputies asked for  the Lyft drivers  license but he didn’t have one.  That’s when the deputy asked to see the passengers’ licenses. They asked the officers why they had to show ID since they had done nothing wrong.

Video capturing the incident starts with Roderick Walker on the ground being brutally beaten. What occurred immediately before that is not seen.

Georgia law states you do not have to answer a police officer’s questions, but you must show your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance when stopped while driving a car.  You cannot be legally arrested for refusing to identity yourself to a police officer (unless you are charged with loitering or prowling). Roderick Walker was not driving the car and therefore was within his rights to refuse to show ID.

Lashaun Turner
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