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Comedian T-rel @CalisBestRadio Jan 8 2020 @MsLashaunTurner


Comedian Trel was born in Chicago Illinois in 1978. As a kid, he was always making his family laugh. In Elementary School, he was a class clown & always would be cutting up & getting in trouble with the teachers & faculty. His mother would always have to come to his school for multiple parent/teacher conferences. Comedian Trel grew up on the North-Westside of Chicago. To-be-exact, his environment was the Cabrini Green Projects, where the local gangs ran the streets. Being pressured by the the way of gang life & affiliation, he found a way to keep the gangs at obey by constantly making them laugh. Each housing project building had different gangs. His High School was on the Northside of Chicago. This is where he brought fun & laughter to his High School peers & teachers. He began watching comedy movies & comedy stand ups such as: Richard Pryor, Flip Wilson, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence. After High School graduation in 1998, Trel began recording himself & started passing out VHS tapes & CD’s to crowds of people to gain himself a massive fan base. This fan base would always come to his shows to see his performances. 1999-2000 he began his comedy career at a comedy club called “Jokes And Notes.” He kept doing small venues/shows/events until he finally obtained his big break on the TV show “BET Comic View.” He was young & very energetic. As a comic, he was also on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam” & Comedy Central’s “Late Night Comedy” segments. During a time gap in the late 90’s, Trel didn’t take his career as serious as he should have, he felt himself slipping. To change this, to better his life & career, he moved out of Chicago in 2005. He chose to continue to pursue his comedy career in Phoenix Arizona. Trel made a huge impact at the Tempe Improv In 2013. He sold out this venue twice. There literally was “no more room left.” The ticket agent at the Tempe Improv had to tell Trel this, as the masses kept pouring in. Noticing this, the owner of the Tempe Improv offered TRel his own show. For the next few years, Trel sold out show after show & made his mark in the world of Arizona’s standup comedy scene. In 2015, Trel parted ways with Phoenix, Arizona & relocated to Dallas, Texas- Fort Worth area to further his comedy career even more & increase his fan base even more. He would also begin to tour the US, California, quite often leading up-to the present date. Trel has landed major movie acting roles with New Line Cinema & currently is on a 2019 tour titled “Laughs on us.” Comedian Trel has also featured with other celebrity comedians such as: Faizon Love “aka” “Big Worm” from the movie “Friday”, Michael Blackson, Reginald Ballard “aka” “Bruh Man” from the hit TV show “Martin”, Shawty “aka” “What My Name Is” from MTV’s “Wild’n Out” with Nick Cannon, Karlous Miller, Rap legends “Lil Flip” & “Bone Thugs -N- Harmony.” His team consists of his manager “Roc Tha Produca,”  his publicist Nicole Lattimore, Delyric Entertainment & a very gifted collaboration that helps promote all his shows/tours/events. Comedian Trel will never stop touring from city to city, making movies as he brings laughter & joy to the audiences of the world.     (Courtesy of T-Rel Management)
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