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Congressional Candidate Jacquetta Green March 4 2020 @CalisBestRadio @MsLashaunTurner


J.Green is your winning choice for U.S. Representative of district 8. She has found the solution for All Americans healthcare issues, not only for her district she is in hopes to represent but the nation. Right now it’s time to vote. The primary election is March 3rd. With early voters making there way to the polls daily to have their say on who will represent in the democratic party for the general election. J.Green found an opportunity to civically engage to bring innovative ideas, with her love for her community and her success as a small business owner. The door is now open for the San Bernardino County representative as @reppaulcook moves along in his journey from congressman. This vacant seat is now being sought after by 9 other candidates..their are four republican party members and four democratic party members and 1 other independent party member. Jacquetta Green which is her full name abbreviated her name to J.Green as the only Write-in candidate that is also standing in independence building a coalition with other independents and a 3rd party who wants to be a true voice of the people and would like to leverage there position on voting power for their agendas to be heard and met.

J. Green urges Everyone To contact and email our presidential candidate @berniesanders @elizabethwarren and all the others who also stand for healthcare. She is determined by will and zeal to let every one know she as a congressional candidate has the answers to our healthcare & retirement needs. She has even reached out to white house & President Trump. @realdonaldtrump The big question on every ones mind as the primary election approaches is Who is going to bring change to Washington? We are all certain J.Green can be our voice in Washington.Her campaign committee is small her donor list is small and her endorsements are few but she has more than a great chance to be the next congresswoman.

Her approach to uplift economic policies is innovative and unmatched. It nearly guarantees a secured Well being for the working class to live healthier, fruitful lives. J.Green assures us her proposition will be a scale up in society for us all, small businesses and working class especially. She encourages people to get ready to thrive.Wouldn’t it be nice if our communities were flourishing? Her reference to alot of the local mom & pop stores that are going out of business. “Is it time we really have access for small businesses to create more jobs?” Her address to the Homelessness crisis that’s ravages the nation. “Who feels it knows it!” The stand up over achiever states. She has claimed to know the pains of homelessness and going out of business and her goal and solution is to prevent that as much as she can from happening.

J.Green is proposing an open market for our tax contributions. “Most of our contributions will not protect our retirement by the year 2034.” “Social services needs a reboot so does the contribution tax act.” She claims “if we the people extend our Fair Contributions payroll tax to be payed directly to a private sector for a healthcare plan for full coverage in health care & retirement everyone will have a choice if benefits for now and their future.” “We will stand together to amend the contributions acts of 1935 and update amend and revise percentages for the real low income citizens and small businesses bringing in less than 100k.” ” In return seal deals, cap & regulate with these private health care companies who Wish to have great relationships with the U.S. Government in commerce.” This will bring us all great fortune. This is an exciting approach. The health care industry must be regulated and Now J.Green feels she has come up with the best way to execute a nation plan for economic growth with an emphasis on health care for all. A new spin on killing 2 birds with 1 rock.

The encouragement also comes in her ideas if she elected to congress to create budget and initiatives to fund private health care companies that will be regulated that will offer privatized health care. She will offer tax credits and funding to each healthcare industry to build more hospitals and clinics. Build relationships with insurance companies for the here & now and future retirements for 87 million under insured americans. “We will give incentives for building more hospitals and clinics. We finally wont be looking at a bottle of pills that cost $500 for survival. ” J.Green is starting a real conversation about change.

Although she is not a part of a major party yet her favorite quote in her campaign is “No need to choose sides just choose me.”
If you would like to Donate to her campaign or learn more of how you can volunteer visit jgreenuscongress2020org

Provided by J.Green

#Tunein March 4 between 7 & 8 pm Pst

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