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Detroit Hiphop Artist “Page1” @CalisBestRadio 1/23/19 @MsLashaunTurner @TheRealPage1


With his style that can only be described or even called “reality rap” Page 1 has made a steady presence in the Detroit hip-hop scene” for the last fifteen years. Page1 has continued to provide listeners locally and globally with upbeat tracks.   His real life lyrics provide knowledge and entertainment to the followers of hip hop.

Born Fred Kendricks in Detroit Michigan 1973.   Fred was raised by his mother and father till his mother passed away he writes about his mother in the song on his debut solo album “True Hood Stories”.   He attended Detroit Public Schools.   At the age of twelve Page began writing lyrics and composing songs. He was influenced by hip hop legends such as Run DMC, LL Cool J, Ice T, AfricaBabbata, KRS-1, Esham and NWA.

In 1991 after years of lyrical street battles Page met Chris Cobb who introduced him to Jeff and Mark of the Bass Brothers Studio.   The two were also owners of WEA ENT, the trio was intrigued with Page’s lyrics and soon they began recording.   He then recorded his first song “Ghetto Tour Guide”.   The song was a studio wonder, unfortunately Page would find himself dealing with his first criminal case.   With a promising career still at hand Page refused to allow legal stipulations to end his career by creating Hittin Lick Records.

In 1998 Hittin Lick Records had created a buzz in the streets of Detroit and within the hip-hop industry.  In the later months of 1998 Page1 created the group Detromental short for Detroit Mentality.   Page would then hire musicians to bring out the Motown sound with each track that was produced.   After countless hours the group produced the first cd “Ghetto 4 Life”.   A sure hit in the Detroit arena of music.   The group would sale 10,000 units out of the trunks of their cars.   With the success of Detromental, Page began to focus his eyes on other genres and soon the voice of childhood friend Tommie Booker would blaze the stages of Detroit and eventually reach listeners globally.

Page released Tommie Booker’s “D-Style” in January of 2003.   The maxi single included the remake of Ghetto 4 Life by Detromental featuring Tommie Booker.   With the spectacular R&B voice of Tommie the song became a sensational hit.    Selling physical units in the countries of Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany

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