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Diezel The Great @ CalisBestRadio hosted by @MsLashaunTurner June 20, 2018


Mastery, determination, and resilience. Skills that Diezel The Great learned and embodied early on. When most kids his age were following their parents regime for their lives, going to school, studying, and filling out college applications, D.T.G was blazing his own path.

Born to a military family in Charleston, South Carolina, Diezel spent his early childhood years growing up in Japan, where his father was stationed in the Air Force. After spending 7 years overseas, his family moved back to the United States, where they shortly lived in Montgomery, Alabama.

Music always played a major part in Diezel’s life. He remembers being in the 5th grade, and being told to do a report for Black History Month. The kids in his class chose to write about monarchs such as Malcolm X, Madam CJ Walker and Martin Luther King. He chose… The Notorious B.I.G.

2 years after arriving in Alabama, his father retired from his 20 year stint in the military, and the family relocated, finding roots in a North Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood.

Use to a sheltered military upbringing and educational system, Diezel found himself struggling to readjust to civilian life, and in the process, became bored with and lost his passion for normal academics. He would often find himself writing poetry in class, which eventually developed into writing rhymes. He briefly adopted the moniker “Funny Money”, before renaming himself Big Diezel, after his favorite wrestler, WWE star, Kevin “Big Diesel” Nash.

Equipped with the right name, Diezel proceeded to master his craft as an MC.

He recalls, “We used to take this $10 mic, hook it up to my computer, grab a boombox, press play on an instrumental and record ourselves using Windows sound recorder”.
This setup was shortly lived, however. Seeing his passion for creating, his father gifted him with his first recording program. He used this to develop himself as an artist and later,as a producer. Being one of the only kids in school with a studio, he began producing for other aspiring Atlanta rappers. He became so obsessed with his passion, that he eventually dropped out of high school, claiming that “school wasn’t music related and it bored me”. Though his family stressed education, young Diezel chose to follow his passion of being a hip-hop lyricist and superstar.

Following his vision and pursuing his dream, in 2009, he moved to one of the toughest cities in America… South Central Los Angeles, CA. Staying only a few blocks away from the hangouts of the late Great Rapper 2pac Shakur, and a couple blocks away from the historic street Florence Avenue where Freeway Ricky Ross had his colossal drug reign.

During this time, the struggles of family life, fatherhood, and music business sent him on a spiritual journey that he claims is the reason why he never gave up! Feeling that Big Diezel was no longer a reflection of who he was, he renamed himself Diezel The Great.

As a fan and a student of 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s music, Diezel strives to infuse the elements of quality music and hip hop into everything he does. Drawing on early influences from artists such as Nas, Kilo Ali, The ‘Bad Boy Records’ camp, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Blackstreet, Nate Dogg, Tupac and Suga Free.

In 2009, he formed a hip hop duo and production team, with MC Kharma Di’Vinci. Together, the two released the street classic mixtape, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, which was a hood success and garnered them overseas attention. It also caught the attention of Marty “K.C.P. Tha Artist.” Hayden, and Alexander “A.R.S.O.N. Da Kid” Harris, owners of D.C.R Global Media/D.C.R Universal Media, indie label’s in Los Angeles, CA. They signed him to a distribution deal, which gave him access to a global platform to release his music on a wider scale, including major media outlets, such as; iTunes, Spotify, Shazam, Google Play, etc. worldwide.

After releasing cuts such as “Who I Am’, “Too Blessed To Be Stressed”, and “Ninja Turtle”, in 2013 and 2014 and receiving full popularity on iTunes, Diezel was appointed as Vice President of the D.C.R, and eventually given his own divisions of the label, D.C.R Global Media South and Northwest, where he serves as C.E.O.

In 2015, he released audio and visuals for his single “Bad for My Health”, which is continuing to gain popularity.

Currently, he continues to produce for up and coming artists, while preparing for his first solo album release, “The Rise to Greatness”.

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