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DJ King Assassin Exclusive Interview @MsLashaunTurner @djkingassassin


DJ King Assassin is an iconic west coast DJ, Producer and Engineer who has worked on hundreds of records throughout his career. From the Bay to L.A he’s worked with legendary rappers including 2Pac, Ice-T, and Eazy-E. & Mc Hammer, to name a few. He’s engineered chart topping titles for recording artists signed to various labels including Universal Records, EMI, and Def Jam. He speaks about his career and legacy in this in depth interview with @MsLashaunTurner.


How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

#Spiritually, #Creative, #Ambitious, & #Heavingly #WorkforceDriven

I’ve seen you in every lane thinkable in the Entertainment industry- DJ, Artist, Producer, Engineer, TV and Radio Host, Program Director and some titles I’m sure I’ve missed. Walk me through a typical day in your work-flow ..

Amazing you were able to decipher all beings of my statures collected into one. A typical day believe it or not that alot do not know to add to the large array of many hats that I tend to wear and work is one not mentioned but very well-mannered and is important to all. My typical day is to get my kids ready for school and to follow suit as my kids do and now continuing to going to school and now an Ambassador for education appointed by counselship I set out myself to set out for my Associates Degree along with a Masters degree as I’m now enrolled now to do so every day of the week. After all has been educated through the day, I still stay up on late nights and the weekends after homework of course, still creating my music in my own recording studio. Producing, creating, recording along with even setting the time out to do my Radio/Video show. The King Assassin show with my Co-Host and Engineer producer Lloyd L.A Elves and still programming and running 15 radio stations I own and operate along with Dj Green Guy. So the typical day is definitely a non-stop and busy prosperous day just the way we like it.

What projects are you dropping in the next few months?

Next projects include our new EarthQuake album. The album consists of production produced by myself and Mr. Lloyd L.A Elves he’s on the hooks and behind me while I lace the rappin’ and he laces the singing. Lloyd is my Daryl Hall from John Oates mixed with Michael Mcdonald. Our sound is a complete influence of old soul and smooth rock such as Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac and Franky Valley. I wanted it that way because coming from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop the sound then in the 90’s missed still alot of great groups that I wanted to capture and be an influence to in our production. So then to put all that into the workflow we came up with the group EarthQuake. We’re finished with the album now and now working on filming the videos to follow up the completion of the product in 2020. Following that we’re going to stay in film directing mode working and finishing a new Comedy movie entitled “Backyard Boogie” featuring actors such as Leland White who was in alot of movies and one of our main actors of the movie which takes place out of Inglewood California.

You had a close relationship with rapper Tupac Shakur, looking back, what would you say was his biggest influence on you personally and the culture?

The biggest influence “2pac” brought to me was to be that workforce he had and energy. He worked day and night in the studio and worked like there was no tomorrow. We would be recording here in L.A at multiple studios then set out riding to the next studio the next day after recording day in and day out. Most studios that we recorded back then were Echo Sound off Los Feliz boulevard with engineer Big Bob Morse and Blue Palm studio with owners Norman Whitfield (RIP) those were the two most recording studios out of the 5 that we spent time the most and where “Dear Mama was created. I was there almost in every session for the “Me Against The World’ project released through Interscope and A&R with Mr. Tom “Cowboy Hat” Whalley which was the man who signed Tupac on Interscope way before the Deathrow Era.

The late great Nipsey Hussle said on a record he was the “Tupac of his generation.” Many see him as the evolution of what Tupac would have become, would you agree or disagree and why?

I totally agree and got to host a mixtape which featured him and French Montana for the great culture he represents from Africa from my New Era brothers from Somalia who set out for me to host that mixtape around over 7 years ago. So Nipsey’s death touched me deeply and i felt the same way when Tupac died being a gloomy year then following with Kobe in 2020 it’s been a rough journey for us especially in California.

I read somewhere that you hold the Guinness Book Of World Records for recording the longest hip-hop song in history entitled State Of EmergencyWhat can you tell us about the song- who’s on it and when will it be released?

Great Question Lets just say to give up half the line-up on it is Ice T, C-Bo, Eazy E’s Son E3, Kokane, South Central Cartel, KayNine The Boss, RedRum, Babee Loc, Gwap Don Dolla $igns, Hex , Naughty By Nature’s Treach, TSP and many more the song is over 15 minutes beating the minutes over of the incredible track respected Rappers Delight.

What’s left on your bucket list of things to accomplish in the entertainment industry?

More films and getting some seasons ready for Netflix, I enjoy watching the many seasons of entertainment on Netflix such as many Hip Hop Docs to Cardi B’s Rhythm & Flow and one of my favorites On My Block seasons great shows.

What do you want your legacy to be? What do you want to be remembered most for?

A Hip-Hop scholar with the upmost certified degrees with a wide array of multi-media catalog. Overwhelming numbers that prove to be the most streamed and listened to. A man who created his own curriculum for the future of kids to be successful in multi-media.



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