October 25, 2020


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Don’t give up the GOAT!!!

…and the room fell dark.
Meanwhile in ‘Decadence’ a phone rings interrupting Lady I.M.Press’ peace and tranquility,
“’Hello? Who is this bothering me?’”
“‘I.M.Press…’”, followed by heavy breathing, “‘you HAVE to tell them I’m ok and I ain’t going back in.’”
“Dallas?” she inquired.
“‘YESSS!’” he yelled relieved and out of breath.
“‘Where have you been? Why haven’t you called? What are you doing? Plus it sounds like you are wrestling a rhinoceros’”,
said Lady I.M.Press.
“‘That’s what I am trying to tell you, shhhh. I’m trying to keep the door closed these fools are trying to take me, talking about how I fell off the wagon again and I need to go back to Hater Rehab Academy.’”
“‘What? Dallas you are not making a lick of sense right now?’”
“‘Who dat momma?’”
“‘Insane go back to whatever it was you were doing I got this.’” Barked Lady I.M.Press
“‘Whatever back to my Bachelor Lifestyle then, ladies let’s depart’”, and Insane walks out with 3 of the badest bi—-… nevermind we ain’t even on that subject. FOCUS DALLAS…back to the story…
“‘I knew I should have turned my ringer off, I’m living the Suite Life right now and not trying to conduct any business so make it fast’”, said I.M.Press
“‘I’m family though and you know I am an upstanding citizen always quick to steer clear of any unnecessary drama,’” said Dallas sarcastically.
“‘Tell that to someone who don’t know yo-…’”
“‘Yeah yeah yeah’”, Dallas interrupts. “‘They think I’m back on that Hater-Ade just because I don’t agree with the way they been giving the GOAT title away so freely lately. Freshman just stupid.’”
“‘We were watching the Newba’”
“‘Wait, the what?’” asked I.M.Press
“‘The Newba, you know…the NBA…Basketball… on the tv, please catch up. Lebron was on and they were calling him the GOAT and all’s I said was…that they were wrong. (Kanye Shrug) He may have the potential to be the GOAT one day but on this day in the year 2 thousand and 17, it’s still Kobe. When I tell you that you would have thought I slapped someone’s momma it would be an understatement. These dudes went crazy calling me a hater, misinformed and accusing me of a lack of intelligence. Me?…You do know I scored a 1513 on my SAT scores?’”
“‘Yes Dallas everybody knows that, go on’”
“‘Not everybody. They didn’t. So I asks them, who they though was the GOAT in rap? Their response was just as crazy.(shaking his head) Guess who they said?’”
“‘Dallas go on with the story, I told you I don’t have time for this’”
“‘Biggie Smalls!’”
“‘Ok’”, agreed Lady I.M.Press
“‘Ok?!!!!’”, exclaimed Dallas, “‘Lady I.M.Press, that answer did not impress me very much.’”
“‘Ok family anybody else calling me with such foolishness would be talking to Mr. Click right about now,’” explained Lady I.M.Press
“‘They were talking about how lyrical he was to which I asked one question, name 1 song where he didn’t talk about being broke but I ain’t no more, girls used to think I was ugly, they don’t no more, I used to sell dope but I don’t no more, I like to eat and I love my momma? If your content never changes you HAVE to be lyrical. Plus Puffy gave him the perfect platform, his tracks were fire before anyone ever uttered one word. Look at 2Pac most of his beats were garbage and he had to make it happen.’”
“‘You are stupid Dallas’”, laughed Lady I.M.Press.
“‘They are trying to character assassinate ‘Pac and trying to lock me in rehab because they didn’t have an answer, I ain’t going out like that!’” yelled Dallas. “‘What’s the moral to the story?’”
“‘You better keep your foot by the door so they can’t get in?’” joked Lady I.M.Press
“‘Hahaha cute but no, stick with Puff and he will sell you on a dream. Biggie had the potential to be the GOAT but we will never know. People have fallen off after more than 4 albums and we ain’t calling them the GOAT because we just don’t know. I remember when we though EPMD, Kwame or the D.O.C. had rap on lock then things happened.’”
“‘You ok Dallas?’” asked I.M.Press
“‘Yeah, time to end this though. If you don’t hear from me for a week or 2 I’m on vacation but I will be back.’”
“‘Ok Dallas take it lite’” said Lady I.M.Press
“‘Dallas Gone’” and right before the line goes silent Dallas screams “‘…and if you ain’t down with Blaze Indie LA TV show, Cali’s Best Radio, as in staff, website or their crew, fu– you 2!‘”

“‘Hey Insane?'”
“‘Yes ma’am'”
“‘Check on your boy, I think Dallas is off the wagon again'” said Lady I.M.Press.
“‘Now What?'” asked Insane.

Lashaun Turner
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