October 26, 2020


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Dr. Cornel West and Leo Terrell fight on Sean Hannity show: Check Yourself Negro #BlackLivesMatter

Dr. Cornel West and Leo Terrell fight on Sean Hannity show: Check Yourself Negro #BlackLivesMatter

A heated back-and-forth verbal sparring match between Dr Cornel West &  civil rights attorney Leo Terrell  took place on Sean Hannity’s show over the wave of protests across the country, attacks against police, and the push to “Defund the Police.”

You have to have police who respect the community, there has to be some community control, accountability of both citizens and police,” West said, “and recognizing that the deeper issue of poverty, dilapidated schools, housing… that generates a despair.”

After briefly speaking about Chicago and Rahm Emanuel, Hannity turned to Terrell and asked, “Why didn’t he fix the violence? Why haven’t they fixed our broken school systems? We have failed America’s children.” Terrell started by talking to West and saying he won’t answer Hannity’s questions, instead “giving you old talking points.” West immediately clapped back at Terrell, saying among things, “What are your talking points?!”

“Shame on you,” Terrell said. “You are absolutely wrong. You won’t address the issue. You refuse to address the issue.” The two men argued back and forth, with Terrell telling West “you have lost control, you’re a dinosaur” and West telling him, “You disrespect me the day that Brother Floyd is put in his grave?! Who do you think you are?!” “Check yourself Negro”!.

Terrell, who opposes calls to defund the police, took a few more shots at West before West fired back again calling him disrespectful and saying, “Don’t put words in my mouth!” The back-and-forth continued and got so heated that Terrell started repeatedly saying, “Cut him off!”

WhatISaid :This was a horrible display of divided we fall. These two gentlemen played right into a set up of words by Hannity who let this go on live over the air. smdh..

Lashaun Turner
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