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FBI investigating Noose like rope found in Black Firefighters locker

Noose like rope found in Black Firefighters locker-Bloomington Minnesoto

The FBI has been called in to investigate an apparent noose found in the locker of a black firefighter in Bloomington, Minnesota. The incident was made public by the city’s mayor, who said a piece of rope resembling a noose was discovered in the locker on June 15.

“I regret to inform you about some horrible news regarding an incident at one of the City’s fire stations,” Bloomington Mayor Tim Busse said in a statement. “A piece of rope tied into what appears to be a crude noose was discovered in the gear locker of a Black firefighter at a Bloomington fire station on June 15.” “I am disgusted, angry, and embarrassed by this cowardly act,” Busse said. “To be clear, this incident is very serious and is being dealt with aggressively.”

Bloomington is about 10 miles from Minneapolis where George Floyd was murdered by officer Derek Chauvin on camera while other cops idly let it happen. The incident sparked  global protests against police brutality and racism.

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