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Fidel 2Point0 In Studio Live @CalisBestRadio with @MsLashaunTurner 6/6/18


Fidel 2point0, Born William Lofton, fell in love with music at a very young age. His mother and father had him in a children’s musical ministry in his tender ages where he would sing gospel in his native state of Arkansas. By the age of 11, Fidel was rapping verses about living drug free. He was now in California, home to major artists like N.W.A., Too Short, E 40, and countless other influential artists. Those songs written by his mother, who felt positive music was necessary, gave Fidel his first taste of doing the right thing.

In 1994, a teenage Fidel and childhood friend, formed a duo called 2 Devious which was short lived due to Fidel having to relocate to the I.E. Fidel would freestyle, and win over small audiences with his wordplay, and keen ability to rap about his surroundings. Up until that point, he hadn’t taken music as serious. Tupac shakur caught his attention early on with his releases, “Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.’Z” and “Me against The World”. He told me, “This guy pac, pointed out a reality that us young black males live and are looking to leave behind”. Ice Cube and Dr. Dre he alludes to often, influenced his teenage outlook musically.

Bossolo, then Big Boss Solo, was at the Moreno Valley Mall (Riverside County), Ca. selling CD’s of his latest work and Fidel’s mom told Boss that her son was good at rapping and that they should collaborate on a project. This was in 1997-98. Fidel and Bossolo went from doing 1 song to an entire mixtape album they titled, “The Game Ain’t Over”, which was produced and sold independently in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Japan. Fidel had this to say when asked of his relationship with Bossolo, “Boss and I had differences of opinion on some things involving the business side of things. Our parting of ways was in fact a little personal but mostly business. Things weren’t handled correctly because, i just didn’t know the business”. Fidel stepped away from music to work and support his newborn son.

Fidel found an ad online calling for a promoter to work with an up & coming R&B/Pop group called “Heiress”, so he answered. He ended up pinning some verses that landed on the album, “From Heiress with Love”, alongside Toma “Maskerade” Johnson. Maskerade and Fidel then went on to record a www.soundclick.com chart topper, “Round and Round”. That experience and credit put Fidel back on the musical radar. His ranking locally has risen since posting to sites like reverbnation and soundcloud. In addition to that, Fidel has had a few venue performances to gauge crowd reaction and work on his stage presence around Southern California. Lets just say, he now knows what works.

He began purchasing his own gear and software and began composing and producing his own music very recently with a great number of clean tracks in his catalogue. Fidel draws from many influences but hardly uses samples. He smiles and says, “You have to pay to clear samples! Why?, when you can come up with an original that sounds just as good!”. Fidel admits he’s still learning the craft of hit making but should have an EP and Mixtape release in the very near future. He definitely seems motivated and confident to see some success.

To conclude, Fidel wanted to let you all know that, he is a fan of good music, truth and reality. He hopes you listen to, enjoy what he’s working on and by word of mouth, share his work. His vision is empowerment. His method is music.



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