October 30, 2020


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Former University of Riverside (UCR) Students Tell of Sexual Assaults

Former University of Riverside (UCR) Students Tell of Sexual Assaults

Twitter user and former UCR student Erin Spates, created a Twitter thread  regarding abuse committed by UCR fraternity members. Spates encouraged anyone who had a sexual assault story involving students at UCR that they wanted to share with the public, to come forward and she would add their anecdote while preserving their anonymity.

The thread went viral on social media with many alleged victims responses from UCR and others highlighting the growing trends of sexual assaults across college campuses.. In an interview with The Highlander  Spates admitted that though responses have been largely positive, there are plenty of people who are vocally upset about it. On her personal Twitter, she has received more than a few threats and violent attempts at cyberbullying, but regardless Spates has not stopped, and continues adding onto the thread fueled by the desire to spread awareness of sexual assault.

UCR’s Title IX Office stated it is treating the situation seriously and as is standard in the case of anonymous reports however that there is little that the university can do for those who have already graduated as it falls out of their jurisdiction, but the rest will be addressed appropriately. In an interview with The Highlander relating to the thread, Chancellor Kim Wilcox commended individuals seeking to shed light on the university culture of sexual misconduct. He stated, ”UCR will review these allegations and pursue investigative and legal remedies for those cases that are found to warrant action.”



Click on the Twitter thread to read, support or add your story. For more info visit the Highlander

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