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Frost G | IceWater Entertainment Interview Oct 3, 2018 @MsLashaunTurner @frost_g74254


Lavon Pope-Everson, also known in the streetz as Fro$t G, has been writing rhymes & freestyling since high school. It wasn’t until his release from the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice that he started taking being an artist seriously. Transitioning from selling dope to totally relying solely on GOD & his talent, Fro$t G is a force to be reckoned with.

After getting out of prison, Fro$t G teamed up with Sparkdawg and set the City of Killeen on fire during the Summer of 2013 with tracks like “My Nigg@$, Rotation, & Fu€k Nigg@$. Realizing he needed a bigger fan base to go National, he moved from Killeen to Austin in 2014 to chase his dream. In less than 6 months, Fro$t G became one of the most talked about artists in Austin, good & bad. He went from a complete nobody to running with the most elite artists in the city. Artists such as Austin Martin, LilSicc, King Solo, and so on.

Still hungry & still grinding, 6 months after that he had the #1 single on the King of Diamond mixtape called “StreetCertified” in Miami, Fla. This was unanimous decision based on a panel of judges for the mixtape. 3 weeks following that he was on the front page of VLAD TV, ThisIs50, Precise Sounds, Dessert Storm Radio, and other various blog sites. Sept 2015 he was also on JERRY SPRINGER on an episode called “Babymama’s hit the bricks” on sum Love & Hiphop Tx type situation. https://youtu.be/eTbY3OLvNzw.

Ending the year 2015 he was awarded Best Rap song 2015 by Akademia Music Awards for the single #StreetCertified I guess it’s safe to say, that with his powerful delivery, catchy word play, street. 2016 Akademia Music Award winner for “Think About U” ft Trae tha Truth & China Marie 2017 Internet Hustla OTY Nominee


Texas Hiphop, Killeen, Austin, CTX, BOS, Crown Studios, IWE
Facebook.com/frosteezy or Lavon Pope
IG @frost_g | Twitter @frost_g74254 | SC @Frostg74254
Reverb @frostg74254 | SoundCloud & YouTube @lavon frost pope-everson
Email: frost74254@Gmail.com | Phn: 254 589 2335

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