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Graphic video of 16 yr old Cornelius Frederick who died after being restrained @ youth facility


Graphic video of 16 yr old Cornelius Frederick who died after being restrained @ youth facilityVideo footage released Tuesday shows a 16-year-old  Cornelius Frederick  throwing food at a Kalamazoo (MI) youth home, then being tackled and restrained for 12 minutes by staff members. Several staff members tackled him to the ground and laid on his legs, chest, and neck. While footage from the incident only shows Frederick’s feet, those restraining him can be seen pressing on his upper torso. Staff can be seen pulling Frederick up, with the teen unable to sit on his own. Staff left him lying on the floor for an unknown length of time. The video later shows a man doing chest compressions on Frederick. He died two days later.

Frederick had been living at the facility as a ward of the state since his mother died. Fieger’s, the law firm representing the family, has sued the owner of the youth home. Fieger said the video, released to him by the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor’s Office, is missing some footage. “The video is horrific and graphic. However, it appears that portions of the video have been deleted,” he said during a virtual press conference, where he played 13 minutes of footage. “We have not determined yet if Lakeside For Children is responsible for the missing footage.”

Two staff members and a nurse have been charged in the case,

The state is in the process of revoking the license of the facilty.


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