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SOUL. CLASS. STYLE. Born in the city of Akron, Hareston Clay was heavily inspired by Ohio’s prolific doo wop, R & B, funk and soul background including the O’Jays, the Isley Brothers, Dazz Band, Heatwave, Anita Baker and Bobby Womack. His early musical influences ranged from Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross to Van Halen and Fleetwood Mac. Being in orchestra helped him to appreciate the composition of music in how separate parts, each sounding different and out of focus, come together to create the most beautiful unity, with its’ focus sharp clear and discernible. But he had not yet decided that music was his passion.

Destiny intervened, and a life changing event of open heart surgery and recovery forced him to realize that he could “no longer existing, but learning to live.” Finding his voice while sitting in a session with a producer, music helped in his healing and allowed Hareston to express his emotions and to write a compelling human story. As H. Clay, the artist released the single “Head Spinnin’”, in 2014 and formed Grown Man Business (GMB Productions LLC). By 2015, he was known by his full name of Hareston Clay and began working with Eljay of Embryosoul Entertainment. That same year, the single “For Two” was released to critical acclaim by fans and bloggers, and is still in rotation. A trilogy of songs and accompanying videos, was conceived with “Be Your Man”, “After Life” and “For Two: Love Another Day” as the story of loss and the rebirth of love.

The next single from the album to be released will be “I Am Legend” and his new LP, titled “Smooth Motivation”, will be released in 2017.

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