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I HAVE MADE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS  in the STOCK MARKET since investing March 19, & YOU can too!


Some things I debate sharing online because I know alot of people kinda follow me. As an influencer i’ve had people contact me and say I follow everything you do and I did everything i saw you do..lol.  Many have claimed me as a mentor and inspiration in starting their podcasts and radio shows.- So in that vein I am going to say this to my people:

I HAVE MADE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS  in the STOCK MARKET since investing March 19, & you can too!

I have been sharing my moves with my FB fam- and others have shared their moves with me. I’ve had several long convos about stocks in my inbox & on the phone – and again I JUST STARTED THIS MYSELF 2 months ago and I am not giving advice on what to buy i’m just saying GET IN DAT BIATCH cause like Solomon Ali ( self made millionaire) said WE ARE WITNESSING THE GREATEST WEALTH TRANSFER since the last recession.

What i will say is if you are contemplating doing it- YOU MUST read up and follow whats going on EVERY DAY and you must know clearly your own strategy and stick to it. For instance- March 19 I bought a stock for about $4/share, it bounced and I made 1200 within a week. But when it started ticking downward I cashed it out.. Well I moved on thinking I had won..but now that stock is $30/share and every time I see it I kick myself- that could have made me ALOT of money. lol..

So you have to determine are you trying to day trade, short term or long term ..And you must watch the market everyday..I utilize Yahoo finance for historical perspectives and trends. I have participated in earnings calls and I check in about 5 times a day thru my apps and read the news alerts and bulletins about the companies I’ve invested in or thinking of investing in.. It is a bit time consuming but necessary.

Here are the initial steps you can take to get started investing and a link to the NerdWallet Article

Decide how you want to invest in stocks
Open an investing account ( I use Cash App & Robinhood )
Know the difference between stocks and stock mutual funds
Set a budget for your stock investment

Start Investing!! ( Make that money OKay!)


P.S if you lose your money don’t blame me.. there are risks but right now the risks are worth the reward IMO:)



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