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International Selling Recording Artist Urg7 @CalisBestRadio Nov 22, 2017 : @urg7


Gerald J. Parrish aka Urg7 is an American Recording Artist,  Actor,  Writer,  Producer and Entertainer born & raised in & around the Compton South Central & Watts California area. His list of credits include but are not limited to various acting spots, ghost writing, voice over spots as well as cameo appearances & placements:

Cop-Rock, Absurd TV, Chevrolet Commercial(National Spot) America’s Got Talent, Under the Underground, Quantum Leap,The District, Boot Camp, King of Kings, and Love jones, to name a few.

He is a juggernaut type of artist rarely ever leaving his recording studio where he has spent years perfecting his methods. He has recorded features with artists spanning the globe. Currently 40 studio albums & 13 Mix-tapes, when he’s not in his recording studio he’s on the set of a film project, magazine, radio interview or video set. He can also be found performing his talents live on stage, something that he loves to do.
Catch up & keep up with this artist on all his social networks. Music is available now everywhere digital music is sold. Search Urg7 The hardest working man in Hiphop. Nobody works Harder Homie.

URG7  will be live in station with his new single “Ain’t Ready for Love” on CALI’S BEST Radio Show November 22, 2017- be sure to TUNEIN

Facebook:Urg7  Instagram:Urg7  Twitter:Urg7  Snapchat:Gerald Parrish@Urg7  ReverbNation:Urg7


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