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J. Asadi brings “DOWN 4 U” May 22, 2019 to @CalisBestRadio with @MsLashaunTurner


Founder and CEO of Dark Mafia Entertainment, J. Asadi has spent the past year growing his name and reach. With his fan base increasing with every passing second, he’s sure his new album Lazarus Experiment will reach its highest potential.

It wasn’t always the best of times for J. Asadi. His upbringing was far from perfect, but in hindsight, it put him where he is today. Growing up in an abusive environment took him to a dark place as he listened to the likes of Tupac and DMX. He notes, “I connect to darker sounding music because I am a dark artist. If you ain’t lived through nothing, then don’t turn my music on. It will be too hard for you, so stick to the bubblegum rappers because you won’t find one here.”

Far from the rappers one hears singing the hook on a Top 40 song pimped by Ryan Seacrest, J. Asadi does things his way and because of that has created his own style that strays from his happy go lucky peers. Songs like “Undefeated (Holy War)” and “Never Fall” are all about what he’s faced and how he continues to find it within himself to keep striving, surviving, and thriving. As for his lead single, “Sky’s the Limit” he notes its significance saying, “It is my declaration, and my motivation to keep grinding while encouraging others to get it how they live too.”

Each song represents J. Asadi and his latest, Lazarus Experiment. As an artist and CEO, he’s established himself as one of the brightest rappers in the game today. Having garnered recognition, the talented rapper is set to break a multitude of records with his new album Lazarus Experiment. The album is a fully embellished production that dives deep into J. Asadi’s life experiences with high-quality lyrics, captivating flow, and an exquisite sound.

With a dark approach to the rap realm, J. Asadi has stood out not only in song but live. He has performed throughout the east coast and Midwest, as well as in Okinawa, Japan when he was stationed there as part of the US Marines. Now he’s focusing on adding more cities to his list as he grows his reach, awareness, and label, Dark Mafia Entertainment, LLC.

Courtesy J.Asadi


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