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J Stone – The Definition Of Pain (Documentary)

J Stone – The Definition Of Pain (Documentary)

Take a closer look at All Money In’s J Stone, as he gives us the behind the scenes of The Definition Of Pain album cover photoshoot, as well as visiting some landmarks in the city/section that raised him. Learn a little more about J Stone and where he comes from. Through trials and tribulations, Stone has been able to position himself as one of the top LA artists, who really represent the authenticity of living in LA, and make it out of the gutter.

Victory would not feel so great if it wasn’t for the pain and the journey that carries you to the next level in your life. Nipsey Hussle played a big role as he was able to share his blessings with his team and foretelling the success that would later be part of J Stone’s story. (YouTube)  ALBUM LINK:

J Stone – The Definition Of Pain (Documentary)

About All Money In Records-Nipsey Hussle

All Money In is an American record label and concept created in 2010 by the late entrepreneur, activist, and rapper Nipsey Hussle. The name of the label, “All Money in, No Money Out”, conceptualizes economic self-sufficiency. Instead of spending money on depreciating assets, or other material goods, Nipsey emphatically emphasized the importance of saving money and investing that money to create wealth.

As an activist, Nipsey promoted black entrepreneurship, unity, and self-sustainability. The logo and concept of “All Money in, No Money Out” is a contemporary symbol for Black self sufficiency, unity, and economic resurgence of inner-city neighborhoods, such as Crenshaw, Nipsey’s neighborhood of origin. (


We first came across J Stone performing at the Stardust Club in 2015 (Interview)

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