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Who Was Jim Crow and how “Jim Crow” continues to be used today 4/6/21


Who Was Jim Crow and how “Jim Crow” continues to be used today 4/6/21Who was Jim Crow? If you still remember your American History classes back in high school, then there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with the term that referred to racial discrimination in the South, particularly to the set of discriminatory and repressive laws that were once enforced by the United States to restrict the rights of Black people.

Among these many policies were the segregation of schools and public areas to keep the “coloreds” and the “whites” from mixing with each other. Interracial marriages and cohabitation were also prohibited, with the former declared null and void in states like Georgia and Arizona.

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These laws have been largely eradicated, but “Jim Crow” continues to be used today, describing the systemic segregation and racial discrimination still experienced by Black people in the South.

While the term is closely associated with the South, its roots aren’t actually southern. In fact, we can thank the North for popularizing “Jim Crow.” ( Courtesy of Youtube)

Who Was Jim Crow – video

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