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JUMA SPEARS: Flashback Ft. Tweety brd and Lil Flip

Juma Spears, the young up and coming artist out of Dallas/Ft Worth area Texas, with features like Sadat X and Chris Rivers to his name, his new single “Flashback” featuring the current top female act in the bay area Tweety Brd and Texas legend Lil Flip, comes a single that delves into the other side of party life, when the smoke clears and the hangover begins, what is one truly left with when they awake in the morning? Featuring production from masked producer Cole James Cash and released through Elite Squad Recording comes a single that goes against the current grain of the glorification of drinking, smoking and pill popping and illustrates what happens when all of that comes to a head and you’re only left with one thing reality of which cannot be escaped only faced.
Juma Spears can be contacted on twitter and email


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