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Give a Junkie a Needle and He Won’t Catch Covid-19: San Francisco’s Dirty Drug Crisis


Give a Junkie a Needle and He Won’t Catch Covid-19: San Francisco’s Dirty Drug Crisis

JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade- Lashaun Turner

Point Being More junkies died from drug overdoses in San Francisco in 2020 than from Covid-19

In December I posted an article about drug addicts receiving free needles in San Francisco via a Community Health program aimed at so call “harm reduction”. According to data reported by the city and state more people died in 2020 from drug overdoses in San Francisco than from Covid-19

The Drug Overdose Prevention and Education Project, DOPE a taxpayer-funded city program, reports that at least 621 people died of a drug overdose during 2020 in San Francisco – roughly five times more than the number of people who have died from/with Coronavirus.

Honestly the last time I was in San Francisco I said I would not be going back. Trash, debris, needles, and, OH THE SMELL OF URINE everywhere, left me Jaded to say the least. I knew I would at some point have to express myself on this. So, here it comes! Wait for it…

 Liberal Democrats and Activists attempt to normalize intravenous drug use.

 Principles of Harm Reduction –Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. Harm Reduction is also a movement for social justice built on a belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who use drugs.


 The city’s first needle exchange program began in 1988 by activists as a means to stop the spread of HIV among people who inject drugs. Now, the San Francisco Department of Public Health distributes 4.45 million needles each year to the city’s 22,000 intravenous drug users.

Heroin and prescription opioids are the most injected substances, though use of methamphetamines and Fentanyl is on the rise. (Source).

Liberal politicians and policies took over and decriminalized the junkie lifestyle. Others from far and wide would soon join them to partake in freebies and life on the streets. Shoot up, shit on the street, rinse and repeat.

Homelessness and drug use go hand in hand. This has been an obvious and predictable DISASTER, and the streets of San Francisco are worse than you can imagine. (video)

SHITHOLE ALERT: Liberal San Francisco Full of Poop and Needles

Give a Junkie a Needle and He Won’t Catch Covid-19- GOD’s Plan!

JADED: I could say a lot of things here. I usually get so angry at situations like this. It should be clear that the attempts to normalize certain behaviors in society are just NOT working. I have often said we need a drug island where people who want to be junkies and addicts can live peacefully, AWAY from everyone else.

Each and every person that put a needle in their arm made that choice. And by doing so- accepted the risk of HIV, Hepatitis and whatever else. Because so many people make that choice does that mean we have to give them free reign in our cities, PLUS, free needles & supplies? And, they are still dying from their lifestyle- so what is the point?

Must we continually & eternally subsidize their lifestyle? Is the Government an accomplice in their deaths? Seems like aiding and abetting in some ways.. Except for it doesn’t seem to be a crime in San Francisco to inject drugs and shit on public streets- my bad!

Now that you have so many pooping in the streets and shooting up in plain view of children and anyone else- the city has had to increase budget for clean-up of their discarded needles & poop. Which, according to the video is a 24/7/365 type deal. (Job Creation at it’s finest).

But you know someone said something to me not too long ago- and that was- GOD’s Plan..  Aha! Give a Junkie a Needle and He Won’t Catch Covid-19, but he might overdose, and, -there you have it!  The END

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