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KLBP Radio Long Beach California, 2nd & Final Disappointing Outcome Statement ..


klbp radio

KLBP Radio Long Beach California Statement (Update)

In the later part of November 2018 I heard about KLBP a new radio station opening and submitted my 1 hr Cali’s Best for consideration. This was the beginning of a long and ultimately disappointing process to nowhere with KLBP. Months passed with no contact. Eventually after repeated follow up via email- someone named Melanie Hiller reached back to me. I was told my show would be reviewed and someone would get back with me by Feb 2019.  During Feb & March of 2019 I corresponded with this person several times but was not given any info about my show acceptance. Then, by May 2019 communication ceased. The person stopped replying.

In July of 2019 I reached out to KLBP radio station again via social media and resubmitted Cali’s Best again and also informed of my wishes to come to their station and produce a variant of my long running show already airing on AM/FM radio. Someone named Kelsey Donovan replied. After a few email exchanges the person also stopped responding. No new information. Communication stalled the rest of the year from July 12, 2019 until January 2020.

In late December 2019 I responded to a social media post put out by KLBP and again formally submitted Cali’s Best. In January 2020 I received a response from the Interim General Manager Danny Lemos. On MLK day Jan 20,2020- I interviewed with Danny and someone named Rose. During this meeting I was offered a position to supervise Hiphop Music for the station and was tasked with building a library of music for the station to playlist/pool for airing.

I was told nobody at KLBP was familiar or an expert on Hiphop and they both lamented over how they needed someone like myself. Before I left that meeting I repeated and clarified what we had talked about and the last thing I said and was confirmed to do- was, build a library of Hiphop(urban) music and my position of Urban Music Manager. I was told to come to the Grand Opening and pictures would be taken for my inclusion onto the website.

A day later I made the announcement on social media and started asking for submissions.

One week later, I was asked to called the Interim General Manager and at that time he informed me that he had learned he did not actually have the authority to put me in the position as stated on Jan 2020, that the Board had that authority- and that after hearing my music and show- that the Board felt the music was Offensive, Profane and Indecent (OPI), and that it ( the Board) had serious concerns about me being offered the position and that a 30 day hold was being placed while they examine other options to fill this position.

Needless to say I was quietly LIVID. When I asked how their board could deny music that is already playing on airwaves and my show which has never been cited or fined for OPI- the answer was vague.

So, I waited 3 weeks or so before contacting Danny and on Feb 17 he replied with “I also needed to check with our Music Director who informs me they have a candidate for the position of Hip Hop Genre manager, but he says that does not mean that you cannot assist in that department. He believes that the more people who are helping to forward music to us, the better.  Dave Miranda is our M.D. I would ask you to be in touch with him at……”

I did reach out and make an introduction to Dave and he sent me the submission requirements which include “4. Please provide lyrics for our quick reference as all files MUST BE OPI FCC BROADCASTING COMPLIANT (i.e. no profanity)”.

After having such an exasperating experience with the organization, I have decided not to participate in their radio programming. I find that, the type of urban music they are requesting is actually NOT the type of Hip-hop music that artists I circle with and especially the Hiphop artists in and around Long Beach- the majority of which have raw hiphop lyrics ( altho edited) the content & concepts apparently broach subjects that this organization feels are indecent (despite this music already airing on FM airwaves).

In the process of preparing to be part of this team and do what I was asked to do- build a library- I reached out to many people on social media who did respond with their submissions and began tweeting & making IG posts to raise the awareness of the new station. I sincerely THANK all of you.

I also began prepping street teamers in Long Beach who were at the ready to promote the station. I want to thank Tony Rush aka Double G for being on board with me. I also reached out to Victoria my former contact at Reverb Nation to inquire about blasting all artists on their platform about this opportunity. I appreciate her willingness and the conversation we had.

So what happens to the submissions you sent?

I was assured by Danny that the submissions would be reviewed by the new manager and pooled accordingly. However, when I received the submission requirements from Dave- it stipulated lyrics would have to accompany the tracks. None of the submissions I received had that info- so, I surmise none of that music will air on their station.

As a thank you to my social family who continues to support me in my nearly 5 year journey producing and hosting a show that spotlights indie artists from around the world, I will be doing a couple of very specific indie mixshows with the music I did approve.

Will Cali’s Best air on their platform?-No, ..One of the things that came out of the meeting Jan 20 was the interest of me doing a live show on the weekends and having artists come through the station. In our communication Feb 17, Danny the Interim Manager again expressed interest and asked me to forward a show demo to Rose which I did.

However, it’s obvious the Hiphop I play is not the Hiphop they want. In my last communication with Danny he asked me to send another show idea/demo to Rose-in which I did a one hour demo- with a focus on community events in and around Long Beach, PSA’s and Maintream Music – plus a couple of indie songs. This is my last attempt at getting on their airwaves in a pre-recorded fashion.

I am completely disappointed in my experience with KLBP radio and do not see a mutual future between us frankly, despite having been extended a small olive branch by saying I could ASSIST the new manager in forwarding submissions. I have decided not to participate in their programming at this time. And doubt I could produce a successful show amid their limitations and regulations.

Are you attending the KLBP Radio Grand Opening still? NO

 KLBP Radio Long Beach California Statement (Update)


Cali’s Best airs Wednesdays 7pm and Sundays 8pm on KCAA 102.3FM  106.5FM and 1050AM as well as syndicated ..#YouShouldBeOn

Thanks everyone for your continued support!

Lashaun Turner aka Lady I.M.PRE$S



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