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Lxrd Melchior @CalisBestRadio with @MsLashaunTurner 6/26/19


Throughout the early years of his life, Lxrd Melchior has bounced around from foster home to foster home. When he was three years old he was finally accepted into a family who turned out to be monsters. His childhood was really nothing but pain, and in the pain he found solace, and that solace was music. His passion for music was born from a love of philosophy; “From the bad, comes the good” is what he lives by. Even after losing his vision due to the abuse he endured, he never lost his perception. Now his passion for music allows him to share his experiences to inspire the masses. Dream big, become a big dream.

It all started at the age of seven, when he first scribbled lyrics down on paper. Throughout middle and high school, he perfected his craft by writing and re-mixing songs; his peers were his test group. Yearning for more knowledge, and understanding in music after graduating, he set out to Albuquerque, New Mexico to establish his career in music. That’s exactly what he did after linking up with Hip-Hop Producer DR Beats, now known as Sinister Symphony. After he found his sound, he hit the stage performing with some major names such as Rappin’ 4tay, Brown Boy, Lil’ Flip, Cory Gunz, Young L.A., Moosh & Twist, and most recently Bryce Vine. He continued his skyward ascent after receiving a cosign from multi-platinum Hip Hop artist Kodak Black, for the demo release of his single Found a Way feat. Famous Freysh
(from his debut album X_Ascension_X; Coming soon).

So what’s next for Lxrd Melchior? The skies the limit or is it…

(provided by Lxrd Melchior)

IG @lxrdmelchior

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