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Malynda Hale: Award Winning Singer, Songwriter & Podcaster @MsLashaunTurner

Malynda Hale is an award winning singer, songwriter, actress and host of the social justice podcast, We Need To Talk. Malynda Hale grew up in Santa Barbara, CA singing in the church. With her roots in music and theatre, Malynda has always been connected to the arts. The singer/songwriter uses both her music and involvement in social justice issues to start important conversations. Her passion for using her voice to effect change on multiple platforms social justice, female empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, veganism, and the Black Lives Matter movement is how #WeNeedToTalk came to be.

Her latest album, The One, combines her passion for social justice with the pure sounds of Sara Bareilles, with songs like “Chicago” where Malynda sings of a town she once loved and where she found the greatest love of her life despite the sobering knowledge of a serious social breakdown and problem in the community.

You can hear the upbeat, bright and sunny sounds of Santa Barbara’s alternative scene in “Something Worth Fighting For” and “The One” where she coons a positive mantra about doing our part in being a catalyst for change. Still, Malynda is very much in love with love and in “Gimme Love” you can’t help but become addicted to it like Taylor Swift’s “Lover” title track. Malynda has already gained Independent Artists nominations for 2019 Best Pop Artist and Best Pop EP.

The singer has also opened for Tony Award Winner Levi Kreis, Tyrone Wells, O-Town and the legendary Smokey Robinson. She looks forward to opening for more artists in the future that align with her message and music.

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