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Meet the organizers behind New York’s Black Women’s March


Meet the organizers behind New York’s Black Women’s MarchDays after the George Floyd protests began in New York City, Caroline Gombe joined the cause.”The walking and the chanting helped me heal in a way,” she said. Before long, Gombe, an event planner, actress, and teacher, was helping organizers distribute water, hand out masks, dollop hand sanitizer into outstretched palms and wave the front banner. But she noticed a glaring omission in the larger fight for racial justice and equality. When she asked organizers whether any protests were planned related to Black women’s issues, someone suggested that she start one.

“So I went around asking African American women there if they would like to start a women’s march,” she said. “I wanted to create a platform for Black women to put their problems, issues, solutions, ideas and struggles on the table and start building together.”
With Kimberly Bernard, 31, and Monik Walters, 22, the Black Women’s March made its debut in Brooklyn at Herbert Von King Park.(NBC)

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