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Mike Notez’s @darealmikenotez new single “Leave Wit U ” @MsLashaunTurner

About Mike Notez

Michael A. Mooyin, known as emotive R&B singer and songwriter Mike Notez, was born in Virginia and raised in Chicago, IL. Originally used as a ploy to charm women, Notez began to have fun with his singing voice eventually seeing his potential as a R&B luminary. Characterized by his moving vocal performance and unconventional song structure, Notez established his career as a singer and songwriter. In 2015, Notez sent forth his first effort–a collaboration with Chicago native, Dotarachi entitled “SVA (Spending Valentine’s Day Alone)”. Two years later, the singer secures his spot on romantic single “Lights, Camera, Action” with veteran Chicago hip hop artist, Twista, and rapper, Vo.

The R&B singer, notorious for his charming melodies, is back with new single “Leave Wit U.” Tunein November 27 to hear it and more!

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