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Movement to recall Newsom gains momentum as more counties sign resolutions rejecting Blueprint

Movement to recall Newsom gains momentum as more counties sign resolutions rejecting Blueprint

(The Center Square) – With California Gov. Gavin Newsom indicating that he intends to keep California in lock down through the summer, more counties have signed a resolution rejecting his executive orders, and a grassroots movement has gained momentum to gather enough votes needed to submit a petition to recall him as governor.

The latest county to sign the Healthy Communities Resolution is the Orange County Board of Supervisors, joining Northern California counties to grow a statewide movement to end the governor’s lockdown, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, a co-author of the resolution, said.

Meanwhile, a grassroots effort has expanded statewide to recall Newsom as governor. According to the recall petition, “Pursuant to the California Constitution and California election laws,” the petitioners “demand an election of a successor” to the governor’s office.

The recall effort began Feb. 20 and has so far gained 800,000 verified signatures. The vendor is still counting the signatures, the recall petition website states, and “The movement is building steam and gaining momentum rapidly.”

In order to be legally considered, the petition needs to obtain 1,495,709 valid signatures by March 10, 2021.

Directed at Newsom, the petition states, “Pursuant to section11020, California Elections Code, the undersigned registered qualified voters of the State of California, hereby give notice, we are the proponents of a recall petition and we intend to seek your recall and removal from the office of Governor in the State of California and to demand election of a successor in that office.”

The petition states that the grounds for the recall are laws Newsom has implemented that are detrimental to Californians, including endorsing favor of foreign nationals over citizens, implementing the highest taxes in the nation, not solving the highest homelessness rate in the nation, and overseeing the lowest quality of life and highest poverty level in the nation.

Newsom has imposed “sanctuary state status and failed to enforce immigration laws,” the petition states. “He has unilaterally over-ruled the will of the people regarding the death penalty, and seeks to impose additional burdens on our state by removing the protections of Proposition 13, rationing our water use, increasing taxes and restricting parental rights. Having no other recourse, we the people have come together to take this action, remedy these misdeeds and prevent further injustices.”

Politico reports that Newsom’s top advisors are “increasingly concerned” about the recall, worried that it “could mushroom into a major threat in 2021.”

The Sacramento Bee reported that “fending off” the recall will be a major challenge for Newsom’s new chief of staff.

The recall website includes video links to information about kiosks for organized signing locations, petition instructions, and events and organized protests.

It also includes a reply from the governor’s office, which states that the recall is unwarranted and will cost California taxpayers $81 million.

In 2018, Californians elected Newsom by historic margins, the governor’s response states. It also lists Newsom’s goals to “increase funding for public education, protect and secure Californians’ health and health care, improve water, roads, and bridges, address the challenges of housing affordability and homelessness, and prepare for the threats of wildfires.”

The governor’s reply, in part, states, “Our budget is balanced. Our fiscal reserves are unprecedented. Our economy and employment are historically strong. The last thing California needs is another wasteful special election, supported by those who demonize California’s people and attack California’s values.”


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