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Music artists confront Jeff Bezos over Twitch royalties

Music artists confront Jeff Bezos over Twitch royalties

Artist Rights Alliance wants to know from the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon & Twitch , whether Twitch allowed users to stream unlicensed music. Bezos claimed he didn’t know the answer and would investigate.

“We were appalled… by your inability or unwillingness to answer even the most basic question about Twitch’s practices in this regard,” the ARA letter says. “As Twitch uses music to grow its audience and shape its brand, the company owes creators more than the willful blindness and vague platitudes you offered during your congressional testimony.”

The Artist rights group wrote a  letter that advocated for fair payments to music artists, especially on growing digital platforms like Twitch. It argued that denying musicians of royalties “can literally be a matter of life and death” and demanded public answers from Amazon on whether the live streaming platform will allow users to stream unlicensed music and how Amazon will properly compensate artists.

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