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Musician TONY DESHAWN in the Spotlight: @MsLashaunTurner


Introducing Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Musician, mixing/mastering Engineer, Publisher, recording company owner Tony DeShawn. His latest single ‘I Don’t Want To’ is scheduled to be released September 30, 2019.


Tell us what your music journey has been like?

Well, my musical journey has been good overall. I’ve been able to maintain my most valuable possession through it all; my anonymity. I’ve learned early in my career that fame is a prison of your own making.

How would you describe your musical style and what influenced it?

My musical style is generally R&B, Dance and lately House. I’ve always had Afro/latin influences. Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible theme) influenced me early on. But I’ve been a child of the era of the Four Tops, Gladys Knight, Delfonics, War, Santana and many others. I’m a student of many genres.

You’ve been making music for quite some time now – what have you learned with each release, and how have you grown as an artist/engineer since your first release?

Recoding has changed alot since the 80s and 90’s. Back then you really had to make vinyl records and that cost allot of money. You couldn’t just open up your laptop and make a record like today. Over the years I’ve grown with the technology. I’m using plugins now of out-board gear that I only dreamed of using back in the day. This is truly a wonderland for music producers now.

If you could choose to work with some of today’s established artists or producers, to move your game to the top, with whom would you like to collaborate?

As far as rappers go, Rick Ross is the man in my humble opinion. But I’d work with anyone who I feel is honest in their work. I don’t like songs with no socially redeeming value. Such a waste of talent.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most?

When I was touring in the mid-80s it was rough. Alot of good drugs and fast food. I’m surprised I’m still here. But I love making music and wouldn’t change a thing if I had the chance to do it all again. No regrets.

Can you tell us about your latest release and any upcoming music projects?

My newest release, which is available for pre-sale until September 30th, expresses my feeling about the music business. But, in a larger sense, it’s about leaving a person or situation that’s abusive. The music business can be very abusive. That’s why I’ve always taken the independent label path. When you own the label you end up abusing yourself though. LOL. I have a future-house version of “I Don’t Want To” that will be released in a few months also. I’m really excited about that too.

Which Social Media platform can your fans find you interacting with the most?

Right now Instagram @tonydeshawn1 is the spot for me on social media. Facebook, I use just for family and close friends. I’m a very private person.


You Tube-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyQ4VyyqV6efgjwnMT6JEbg?view_as=subscriber

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