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New York Rapper “DL’ #NewMusicAlert “COPY” April 10, 2019 #Tunein @MsLashaunTurner


After a hiatus from the Rap game, dynamic Queens, New York rapper DL returns to the forefront with his motivational and banging new single “Copy” produced by platinum producer Jimi Hendrix along with Ricky Belfort. Released via his own entertainment company Triplebeam Worldwide, “Copy” deals with the up and downs in everyone’s life and overcoming the negative with positivity and confidence.

The single ‘Copy’ is my comeback record that speaks to falling from grace, dealing with hardships and flaky friends. Ultimately overcoming bouts with self-doubt and confidence and eventually overcoming all obstacles,” DL explained when talking about the concept of the song. Adding, “The song speaks to staying true to yourself and learn from past experiences and understanding how people will come and go in your life and who is really there for you and those who are there just for the celebratory moments!”
(Courtesy of DL)

#Tunein April 10 between 7 and 8 pm PST

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