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Nicki Minaj a Trois @MsLashaunTurner


Shortly after Nicki’s brother was convicted of RAPE, a very controversial (to some) Magazine cover photo was posted to Nicki’s Instagram: What do you think about the cover?- Part of the new format of my show will have my guests and I discussing recent topics in the Entertainment World, News, & Life in general- I WANT TO KNOW WHAT DO FOLKS THINK ABOUT THIS PHOTO? Tune in Wednesday from 7-8 pm and hear mine and my guests opinions ..

You can WATCH us LIVE on my Ustream (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/7ZhjZvnsd3S) or here on the Website as well as Listen In your Car on 102.3FM and 106.5FM as well as 1050 in parts of Orange County and Los Angeles- You can CALL IN 1(888) 909 1050

Wanna Minaj? @papermagazine ?? photos by @ellenvonunwerth #BreakTheInternet edition

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