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Oprah wants to talk Racism in America in the aftermath of #GeorgeFloyd & #ahmaudarbery #blm

Oprah wants to talk Racism in America in the aftermath of #GeorgeFloyd & #ahmaudarbery

Social media has been waiting for Oprah and Gayle- well here ya go->
Part 1 of the special, titled OWN Spotlight: “Where Do We Go From Here” will air on June 9, and part 2 on June 10

Oprah Winfrey has announced a two-night town hall to discuss systemic racism in America.”I’ve been having private conversations with friends and thought leaders about what’s next and where we go from here,” Winfrey said in a release Thursday. “I thought it would be both of interest and service to bring their ideas, concerns and comments into a national spotlight.” Guests will include politician Stacey Abrams, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, director Ava DuVernay, “Selma” actor David Oyelowo, Color of Change founder Rashad Robinson; and NAACP national board member Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II.

Winfrey tweeted in the aftermath of Floyd’s death:

“I’ve been trying to process what can be said or heard in this moment. I haven’t been able to get the image of the knee on his neck out of my head. It’s there every morning when I rise and when I go through the ordinary duties of the day,” Winfrey wrote. “While pouring coffee, lacing my shoes, and taking a breath, I think: He doesn’t get to do this. And now the video from the other angle of the two officers pinning him down. My heart sinks even deeper.”

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