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Phoenix Police kill man sleeping in parked car in his driveway

Phoenix Police Kill Man in sleeping in parked car in his driveway

Over the weekend the Phoenix PD fatally shot a man sleeping in his parked car. Bystanders  captured the disturbing incident on video in gruesome detail. The video showed officers surrounding a parked car while pointing their guns at the man inside the vehicle. One of the officers shouted at the man, threatening to shoot him. The Phoenix Police Department identified the man as James Porter Garcia, 28. The victim was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to a statement by the Phoenix Police Department.

Officers were responding to a  call about a man suspected in an aggravated assault last week returning with a knife, Phoenix police said Saturday. The caller pointed police to a home where the man was reported to be located. As officers approached the home, they found a man sitting in a car in the driveway. Police released snippets of body cam footage that captures an officer removing a handgun from inside the front of the car.
It is being reported that the deceased man was not the suspect the police were looking for. Protests were held and a Petition started circulating Sunday.

Phoenix City Councilman Carlos Garcia shared the video on his Facebook page and criticized Phoenix police.

“It does not shock us that despite all the scrutiny from community Phoenix PD continues to respond violently to calls. But, we must all continue to ask for transparency and accountability,” Garcia wrote. “The department also issued a premature statement leaving out facts about the case. We cannot allow for dishonest narratives to be built by violent departments. we will continue to call for independent investigations into officer involved shootings.” (az central)

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